Fly By Drones is having a leader role in drone operations and business in Romania, to keep this role all operations must find place in the most legal and official way.

Fly By Drones’ legal department is closely scanning week by week the latest new development(s) concerning the newest Romanian and European law changes.

Fly By Drones’ client portfolio expects, requests and accepts nothing else!

All our drones and payloads are European certified; the drones are legally registered at the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (AACR), having all their individual identity number and chip.

All our flights are registered at the Ministry of Defense/Aviation-Drones, and administrated into detail in an official flight manual.

All our flights are in compliance with the latest national laws and regulations, published by the Romanian National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (GDPR).

All our staff and external collaborators are obligated to work only in the same conditions and legal manner.

All our flights are executed by highly trained experienced pilots with proven records.

Fly By Drones’ equipment, staff and clients are heavily covered by national and international insurances in the most secured way.


‘Nothing special, business as usual.’

‘Some people consider order and discipline as a straitjacket;

For Fly By Drones it means a kind of order that give Fly By Drones the freedom to fly.’

 “Let’s drone!”