Residential Real Estate

Drones, equipped with cameras and/or special payloads, GPS units, special (zoom) lenses, thermal and infrared sensors, are able to capture precise key data from the (building) site, construction, buildings, roof installations… Drones can capture taped and live flyover footage and frequently –updated recordings.

Drones significantly reduce time-intensive data collection, decrease labor costs, other related costs and have an enormously impact on creating safe and secure work circumstances.

Drones are nowadays more and more used in the residential real estate, starting from mapping the building site, pre-planning and design, volume measurements, site/constructing/building progress monitoring, coordinating the contractors and/or equipment, surveying and inspecting the works and /or installations till even marketing the building.

“Birds-eye view changed in drones-eye view!”

Our services:

Indoor virtual tour (360°)

Outdoor virtual tour (360°):
aerial & g

Camera on a tripod in modern bedroom interior


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3d model residential

3D Simulation


hyper lapse

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Vlogging presentation

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Remote visit &
Live streaming

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